We are a professional team. We are specialized to create customised, unique and non-serial living and commercial spaces to make each place different from every other.



We believe that a space, to become a place, has to be conceived with the right inspiration, and that it must be enclosed by the perfect 'skin'.
How the architectural object will fit into a specific space, the material it will be made of, the impact it will have on the environment, the appearance it will contribute to the landscape: these are all essential elements for a sucessfull project, and we take care about all of this aspects.
HZ STUDIO - Spazialità


If it is true, as Aristotle argued, that every human artefact draws inspiration by nature, then it is true that everything we build must live in harmony with the environment around us. Before being a practical choice, designing a building it's an ethical choice. This includes everything we create.
HZ STUDIO - Sostenibilità


For us, each project is unique and not reproducible in series. We love what is singular, because just like the people who fill it, constructions also have (and must have) their uniqueness, and must be recognised and distinguished from all others.
HZ STUDIO - Unicità